Is it possible to install Roon 1.8 Legacy on ROCK UEFI build 254?

I just tried to do a fresh install on another NVME to see if I could install ROCK UEFI b254 and see which Roon it comes with (Naturally it is Roon B1148).

However, my ultimate goal was to install Roon 1.8 Legacy build 1136 on Roon OS B254.

I followed the instruction from the Roon 1.8 - 2.0 Migration guide, copied and renamed the Roon file in the branches folder and clicked Reinstall like I have done previously. However, after it restarted it still had Roon B1148.

Is it possible to install Roon 1.8 Legacy on ROCK B254? Or did I miss anything in my procedure?

Thank you.

I do not think it is possible. RoonOS b254 ships with 2.0 and the window for downgrading a 2.0 install to 1.8 has officially closed.

Would you make Roon 1.8 Legacy available for installing in RoonOS b254 even for a brief time period? Since Roon is only the application and we’re just updating the OS. This is just like going from Windows 10 or Windows 11? I should still be able to install MS Office in Windows 11 like I could in Windows 10.

Does it also mean that people who have older hardware (old meaning NUC7, NUC8 and NUC10) would never be able to install Roon 1.8 if their SSD someday dies?

Best Regards.

Hi Hogio,

I am not a Roon employee so I can’t speak to your question. Perhaps support can.

In that case, you would load Windows or Linux, run the legacy installer for that OS and then restore a 1.8 backup.

Dear Dan,

I was not aware that the Roon 2.0-1.8 Migration FAQ was updated with regards to using /Data/branches/roon vs using /Data/Reinstall/roon-production1x.bin method.

I tried reinstalling Roon 1.8 Legacy on top of Roon OS 254 UEFI just now. I used the following file roonbox-linuxx64-nuc4-usb-factoryreset.img and created a USB installer using BalenaEtcher.

I set UEFI Boot, but disabled Secure Boot. Booted from the USB and it came with RoonOS 254 but Roon 2.0.

I then copied roon-production1x.bin file to /Data/Reinstall and clicked Reinstall and it reinstalled Roon 1.8 Legacy on top of Roon OS 254 which supports EUFI.

Previously, I used the /Data/branches/roon file method. But it did not work. Now, it works so that in the future I could still install Roon Legacy on newer NUCs.

Thank you.

Glad you have it working now Hogio.

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