Is it possible to play high quality music from NAS storage on Raspberry PI 4

I have a consumer router with a USB port on my network. I have connected a usb drive to the router and share my music on it using the smb protocol.
I have RoPieee installed on a Raspberry Pi 4 that is connected to my network using cat 6 Ethernet cable.
I have configured RoPieee to play music from the network share.
Is there an adverse impact to sound quality due to this configuration? Should I connect my music directly to the PI via USB instead?
Thanks in advance.

If my storage is connected to the Roon core, will the sound quality be better than if storage is shared from my Router using smb?

It’s always best to have your library on the core machine, a router is the worst place you could share it.

Thanks for your response, but how could sharing it from the router affect sound quality?
I also share pictures from my router in raw format. When those pictures get to Lightroom on my desktop, not a single bit is lost. Why would data files in my music be lost?

It is best functionally to have the music local to the core. It reduces network traffic and removes a potential source of issues if troubleshooting is needed.

Roon streams everything THROUGH the server. For example, if your Pi is where the music files are, and the Pi is also connected to your DAC, then, the music would first stream from the Pi, be processed by the server and then sent back to the Pi to feed the DAC.

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I didn’t say they would be different, it’s just roon recommends you have your core and music together if possible, but on a nas is fine…a nas it not typically a Usb drive shared on a router. It will probably work fine and no difference in sq would be likely. But it would be slower for roon to import and scan your files when it needs to do so.

There are often many ways to do things, and many are not probably the best way to do them, just giving you advice on how doing what you suggested is not perhaps the best way.

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Thank you both.

See my edited reply above too

I see your update. Thanks again.