Is it possible to "Power Off" Raspberry Touchscreen with RC or via Webinterface?

I would like to switch off the 7’’ screen at night.
Is there any option to do this with a remote control (I am using a FLIRC dongle) or via the web interface?
I know that I can use the touchscreen but it’s too far away from my bed :grinning:


Right now not, but it’s on my list as I want this myself as well :wink:

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Good to know that this feature has a top priority on the “to do” list :wink:

Had same wish on my system. I never thought of a remote, but I did think of how to turn it off at night and use the Now Playing roon screen for the day. What you could do is setup a cron job (scheduled task) to setup a screen saver. Off during the day. On, during the night. Just need to run these commands:
export DISPLAY=:0.0
xset +dpms
xset s on
xset 120. ← Or whatever number of seconds you want

To turn off screen saver:
export DISPLAY=:0.0
xset -dpms
xset s off

Totally unnecessary. RoPieee has screensaver support built in.

And on top of that: this won’t work as RoPieee does not use X.

Whoops! I didn’t see any configuration detail and thought selfishly of my setup. I separated my Ropiee and my Raspbian/7" Display(Chromium pointed to my Roon Core) acting strictly as a Now Playing device.

Those commands will help you if you just use your standard Raspbian OS as either a stand-alone thing or install Linux Roon Bridge on it (which I did for a hot minute, before separation.)

I liked RopieeXL well enough… but the Now Playing is terrible (especially for an (almost) strictly classical listener and the scrolling long titles). The Roon now playing is beautiful. Resolution looks much better than it is and I love the scrolling lyrics for modern music.

I have just upgraded my Ropiee with the lcd display and am trying to find a way to turn off the display while it playing. (Sometimes I want a completely dark room). The first post seems to say it can be done from the touchscreen, though I have not found it. Is there a way to do this? And yes It would be great from the remote as well.

Any traction on this Harry @spockfish ?

This is in the last release.

Missed that one…oh maybe the WiFi firmware update is where the deal band issue I had was introduced….

I’ll have a look later but the sleep thing does that allow the what’s playing screen to also revert back to the clock after some timeout too even while it’s still playing? Wife complains when she is playing roon in the bathroom the clock is gone after starting the play from the screen after waking it up from clock

No, it is connected to the standby button on the screen.
And with respect to the clock: that functionality only works when there’s nothing playing.

So your wife wants the clock to also appear when actually still playing? She basically only wants it to work as a clock?

Well she likes to to use the display to start playing where the play feet off last tim she paused what was playing but would like the clock to come back on again so she can check the time :man_shrugging: So she doesn’t run late then touch the screen and stop playback when she leaves the bathroom…I just put a 2nd clock she look at but thought I might ask…even a button on the display to show clock again would be ok or an option to show the time somewhere in the now playing window

This system has an IQAudIO digiamp+ hat so it’s sort of all in one

So… if for example we do the following:

“pressing coverart will result in the screen blanking or showing the clock (depending on the setting) and pressing the screen again will return to the player window. This all independent of the player state”.

How would this work for you (and your wife :wink: )?


That would be perfect…even a small clock icon like there is the power button icon maybe other left side top corner but can turn on/off like the power button so those who want it can know it’s there but not have to display it like hidden corners in screen saver on mac

Well, the question is if we do this what the function of the power button is.
I think we can leave it off then, because pressing the coverart will take care of that.

Doesn’t pressing the cover art do something already? Maybe Pre NG

Yes it did: switching to a different player screen.
A relic of the past :wink:

With the new architecture there’s only 1 player screen (maintaining more than 1 is just not doable), but that leaves that pressure area free for other stuff.

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I should probably dismantle all my older 4.017/9 units and update to the NG releases

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So I guess you are thinking along the lines of a press album cover to show clock and then anywhere on the clock will display the now playing screen back? With some time to debounce a slightly fumbled tap

Yes. Extremely straightforward.

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