Is it possible to search within your playlists?

Please let me know if you already offer this and how to do it:
It would be nice to have this choice after searching for an artist or a track
Searching for Jeff Lorber (the following appear):
Search results for “Jeff Lorber”

Playlists (Would love to see Roon add this NEW Feature listed so I can find Jeff Lorber’s tracks within all of my listed playlists). Reason being that I’m often searching for music that I’m not sure if I’ve already added or not.



If you open up a Playlist you can filter a column where there is the filter symbol (yellow arrows). Also, if you click the carot shown by the red arrow you can add additional fields for your playlist which can then be sorted or filtered.

Thanks for your reply Rugby, yes that’s how I do it now. However, I have to do this in multiple playlists.

I can’t imagine it wouldn’t be too difficult for roon to have the “Playlists” field added as a last area within the search (as I tried to explain in my original post), and then once selecting that criterion, having the artist, song, album, etc. appear as the photo you posted.

Then in the red arrow box you drew, have a playlist button that could be turned on. Then a given artist, track, etc. search would appear (or wouldn’t if I haven’t added it already) in that list and what playlist it’s in.

Currently I find myself Shazaming tracks I liked, searching for the artist, then adding it only to discover that I already added that given track months ago…

This isn’t a deal breaker, but it would be nice.


You can do a work around as long as all tracks in your playlists are in your library. You can add a Track Tag to each track in a Playlist. Then you can go to Tracks and add each Tag (i.e. Playlist) you want to search, and then use the filters to search.