Is it possible to show album artworks as default?

Hello, I have been using Roon for couple of years, and I often play my favorite-track playlist with thousands of songs gathered from different albums.
In this kind of situation, I always play songs by shuffling. Then I normally see a lyric screen if there are lyrics registered and I need to push album artwork tab in order to change the screen. It’s OK to push the album artwork button once, but every time songs change into another one, the screen goes back to the lyric screen again.
Are there any settings I can do as default for album artwork page as we can see for the first page?
I would really appreciate if you could tell me the solution(if there are any).


On the Now Playing screen, click the 3 dots icon on the far right of the screen. Then select Configure Now Playing Screen.

There you can choose what you want displayed and you can drag Album Art to the top, so it shows as default.

Cheers, Greg


Thank you for telling me the solution kindly and I am really embarrassed to ask such an easy question…I have changed the setting like what you said and of course it worked perfectly!
I will be able to enjoy my library with Roon more.
Thanks again, Greg!