Is it possible to split artists with the same name?


In my local library are two artists named “Visage”, but they are not the same “Visage”. Tidal has three artists named “Visage” that are not the same “Visage”. Is it possible to split these different bands/artists?

Not that I know of, but if you post details, the Roon staff will kindly inform the metadata provider and usually it is fixed in few weeks. Worked for me in previous cases. And this way it helps everyone, which is better than a local edit

I informed Tidal, and it looks like they already made some edits. Will these changes transfer to Roon?

artwork for James Taylor ad James Taylor Quartet get mixed up in the Genre overview. Is that a same / similar thing?

That I don’t know. But for every such issue open a new thread in #support:metadata, describing the issue in detail, including screenshot for how it looks in Roon and ideally with links to evidence (newspaper articles, artist websites, Wikipedia, Discogs - anything that helps convince the metadata provider and makes their lives easier).

Actually, when you create a new topic in the #support:metadata category, it automatically shows a template with questions. Answer those.

A Roon staff member will pick it up (maybe not right away) and work with it

just posted

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Should flow through but it can take some time.

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