Is it possible to startup without the radio- , shuffle- and replay-icons?

I tried to find a solution to the display-settings. I prefer the “old” display layout when no extra icons of radio-, shuffle- and replay-icons were available.
I know, when I push on the album-layout, the icon’s disappear and the circle is drown around the play/pause-key (the layout I prefer, since the screen is emptier and I am not going to use those icons).
But I would like to have this selection right from the start, without each time to have to change the layout after a reboot.
I have looked via ssh in config-files, but I cannot find something which could fix this issue for me.
Someone knows how this can be arranged?

Thanks for your help, Frank.

I also prefer the “second” screen without the blurry magnified album background (I just don’t like that background). but I’d like all the buttons to be the same, volume, radio etc.

@spockfish, it would be amazing if you could let us customize the playing screens, even just selecting which items to show with on/off checkboxes in the web interface.