Is it reasonable to ask for the Blue Note Tone Poet Series via digital download?

It looks like they are available, but why does it not come up in a Roon search of “Blue Note Tone Poet”?
I had to look for this on the web and found this - Qobuz

So after listening to a podcast with Joe Harley and Kevin Gray who are heading up the vinyl re-issues - You Had Me at Tone Poet - An ecoustics Interview with Joe Harley and Kevin Gray

It was mentioned that classic Rudy VanGelder records were rolled off on the top and bottom to avoid needle skipping and jumping. The master tapes are far more dynamic than a Blue Note first press.

I guess I have to ask, why the digital streaming world is not able to hear the Series. Sounds counter intuitive or am I missing something?

The tapes have been remastered in pure analogue for vinyl release. To make these available for digital listening they’d have a load of extra work to do doing another mastering job for digital playback. So I guess Don Was just didn’t pay them to do it, and if he did, they’d probably make them an SACD release, like the Analogue Productions Blue Note discs.

Qobuz has the albums, they are just not grouped by series. You can search for each album individually and find them. This should work in Roon too. What I am not sure of is if the hi-res versions come from the same source as the analog releases you are talking about.