Is it safe to upgrade to El Capitan?

I was wondering whether it is safe to upgrade to El Capitan?

The upgrade messed up my MacBook Pro, so I had to restore Yosemite from a backup. I’ve decided to wait for at least another El Capitan update before trying again. Others have upgraded without problems though, so it’s really an ‘at your own risk’ decision.

No issues for me,everything works properly.I’m also using a Dac with no drivers.If running a Dac that requires driver check with your Dac manufacture to make sure it is compatible with El Capitan.

I had some problems on my Mac Mini 2011, but the update (10.11.1) fixed them. So all good now.

If you have a Devialet I would recommend you not upgrade. I did and I’m having issues with my USB switching randomly from USB Audio 2.0 to USB Audio 1.0.

Devialet has acknowledged there might be an issue with El Capitan and the Devialet USB input, but I have not found a fix.

I tried downgrading to Yosemite and installed the latest public beta from Apple, but the problem persists.

Roon runs just fine, but other devices may not… I had to revert back to Yosemite because my amp has the original HiFace USB chip built in which has no support in Capitan yet.

Thanks for all your input. I guess that I will have to check whether my MYTEK dsd dac can run with Capitan!

In terms of ROON, yes it runs fine in El Capitan, however if your DAC uses the inbuilt driver of the Mac OS, then you may well have problems. When it was first released audio constantly dropped out, a recent update seems to have all but fixed it, but it still needs work.