Is it true that Rock will not backup to its internal drive?

Rock runs on a NUC10i3 with a 256GB M.2 SSD. It has no other internal drive. I would like to create a backup right on the same SSD, but I cannot find a way to access that path within Roon. Is there a way or is that just not a possibility?

Thank you!

You can’t do that, nor would it be smart. If you ever need to use your backup, it would be useless if it’s on the drive that failed, for instance. Plug in a USB drive and set up automatic backup’s to that. Frequently, a Roon backup is used to restore Roon to a different core device to solve a problem or to move to a new device.

When I bought my Nucleus, I installed a Samsung SSD inside for music files, of which I have none. I also had a 1 TB HDD laying around from an old computer, so I bought a case for it and plugged it into a USB port on the Nucleus. It backs up every night and keeps the last 30 backups.


Andrew as Jim said it would not be very safe if that was your only copy/backup/disk.

You can backup to second internal drive though and/or an external USB

I have my Rock backing up to my 2tb drive where I keep my music as well as my Synology NAS as I don’t want to lose all the information in the backup, and they are not small either.

I would generally recommend more than one backup in more than one location.

I think Roon does not recommend backing up to a watched drive with your music on it IIRC. I would not backup to an internal drive because you might need to restore to another core device. Do you really want to open up your core device to retrieve the backup drive? HDD’s are cheap as are a case to put them in. You never know what the failure point is going to be to cause you to need to use the backup.

Jim it’s all about options.
My backup is not on a watched folder and as mentioned I have multiple backups stored in multiple places, as long as a user is capable of managing it there should be no issues.

I happen to like the idea that if the drive that Roon boots from died I could just take one of my spare M.2 drives pop it in and boot and restore without issue directly from the same machine.


That’s fine for that scenario. I prefer a USB drive for total versatility. Pros and cons.