Is Lossless Quality Live Radio Streaming there already and if so, can it be found in ROON as well?

Hello everyone,

I’ve been a happy and satisfied ROON user for two years. The user experience is quite natural to me now and I can manage to find my way :green_heart: So there’s nothing really to complain about.

But there’s still one little thing I’d like to know for myself, as being a true lover of Live Radio. I’d like to know very much, is Lossless Quality Live Radio Streaming already there and if so, can I find it somewhere in ROON as well?

I’m looking forward to hear good news… ! :grinning:

With kind regards,

The Netherlands

Depends entirely on the station. You add stations in Live radio. Roon will show you the streams available for the station.

Search for Radio Paradise. They have some flac streams.

Hello @Sjors_Ehv , and welcome. All lossless quality stations have a flac keyword in Roon. Search for that with the magnifying glass and you’ll see them.

I believe we have all such stations that are out there except a few who add metadata in a way which confuses Roon .

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Alright, I think this will be really helpful. thank you very much !!

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