Is lossless quality necessary for Bluetooth streaming?

With the recent Tidal upgrade of its Premium service to Hifi thus providing lossless quality for all titles I now have the option to stream FLAC to my Bluetooth headphones when on the go.

Before the switch from Tidal Premium to Tidal Hifi I would use my iPhone to stream Tidal at lossy quality to my Bluetooth headphones. Worked and sounded great plus the lossy stream worked on most cellar networks. Now with Tidal Hifi I am streaming FLAC to my headphones but the lossless stream does use more data and a poor cell signal strength often results in inconsistent streaming, with constant drop outs.

Since Bluetooth streaming is itself lossy, is there anything to be gained by streaming FLAC via Bluetooth?

Probably not unless you had aptxhd or Aptx adaptive on your phone and on your headset. Apple (of course) does not support these formats.

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