Is MQA activated with my DAC and Roon?

Please see the signal path below:

My Technics SU-G30 is MQA-ready/decoder/whatever and shows “MQA Studio” when playing the content above from Billy Idol. But the signal path is not clear. Am I missing something to enjoy the full MQA enchilada?

Besides, when I have a MQA DAC, am I supposed to activate “MQA decoding” on Roon?

You should let your device do the decoding if available…

So “Enable MQA core decoder” refers to the DAC? Or Roon itself?

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It refers to the Roon itself.

So I should turn it off, then - correct?

If you have an MQA DAC and do not use Roon DSP functions. Roon does not need to do anything.
With a Roon ready DAC Roon will automatically set things up, again you don’t need to do anything.
If your DAC is an MQA renderer only then set Roon Core Decode. Roon will do this automatically if the DAC is Roon Ready.

If MQA DAC then in your signal path display for that device you should see “MQA full decoder” within the DAC, not before the DAC

Well, the Technics is not Roon-ready - does that impact it in any way?

The other weird thing is: Roon recognizes my Technics as a networked device but only through AirPlay, even though it is connected through Ethernet to my network. What gives?

If it’s not Roon ready. Airplay is what you get so you can still play music. Airplay is lossy I believe so it will not be full MQA. Have Roon do core decoding in this case.

I don’t use it as AirPlay - I have it connected to the core via USB instead - but I do not understand why Roon is not seeing it as a full MQA DAC.

It could be your DAC only does MQA via the network? I don’t know… something to look up.

Because the DAC, not being Roon Ready, is unable to inform Roon … thus Roon can not report on it.

Looking at your signal path … and your comments re the DAC’s display all is well.