Is my folder structure of database under Roon correct? [answered]

In backing up my Roon folder on the Core last night, I noticed what I suspect is an oddity–I’ve got folders for Application and Cache BOTH under Roon and as sub-folders under Database (see below). There appears to be some duplication of sub-sub-folders, but they are not identical, and the folder/file dates do not help sort out a clear map of which is ‘correct’ or ‘incorrect.’. My fear/suspicion is that the syncing program that I use for backing up (GoodSync) reverted to two-way “synching” at some point for this job rather than the straight back-up (one directional) synch that it is supposed to be set to.

First, is my folder setup in fact incorrect? And, if so, how do I ‘safely’ mend the structure?


Just wondering if anyone can confirm whether my current folder structure under \Roon is normal or atypical, so I know whether to pursue this question or not? My fear is that it’s not right and will eventually lead to a massive database problem…


No, that’s not right @jpowell. It looks like a second copy of your database got copied into the database folder. It should look like this:

Is that your backup, or what you’re currently running?

Mike, I just checked my folder structure (2014 mbp) and Application folder isn’t listed there…everything else is…cache,database,logs,and temp folders are there…is this correct?

Are you using OSX?

Yes…using OSX

@mike, it’s what I’m currently running—because I suspect (as mentioned in my post) that it was caused by my backup job in Goodsynch, which somehow got ‘reset’ apparently to 2-way synch mode rather than the 1-way backup/synch mode that I normally have it set to. I’ll have to adjust the folder levels so that something like this can’t happen in the future—apparently I have them offset by one level.

I guess the immediate question is how best to fix the situation without losing all of my metadata fixes and customizations, etc.?


On OSX, yes that’s correct.

Ok, understood. Why don’t you quit Roon and make a manual backup to start, just to be extra safe.

Just copy the entire Roon folder somewhere else by hand in Windows Explorer. You can select it, right-click, Copy, and Paste it wherever.

Then, go into Roon/Database and move the following folders somewhere else outside your Roon folder:

  • Application
  • Database
  • Logs
  • Settings
  • Temp

After that, your folder should look like mine. Just launch Roon and let me know how it goes.

Thanks, @mike, I’ll do as you suggest when I get home tonight and let you know how it goes.


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Mike, I did as you suggested last night and it seems to have all come up correctly afterwards. The first time I restarted Roon, it did seem to hang while doing some new track level analysis (got stuck on 2 of 71), but after closing it out again and restarting it, everything went smoothly!

I’ll monitor the files and folder structure for a while–and make sure I’m pulling proper one-way backups again–but I think I’m good to go. Many thanks for your assistance.

Great, no problem Jerry!