Is my Grateful Dead tagging getting better?

I have noticed over the course of the past few weeks that Roon seems to be identifying more and more of my collection of Grateful Dead shows. I have a rather large collection of shows that I know were not all identified by Roon. However for the past few weeks I have noticed that under the “Recent” header I have new additions of shows that I did not download recently, that I am confident were not identified in initial scans.

I do know that the library is always being reassessed by Roon and metadata improvements are made, and I assume that the Roon “cloud” has access to this data as well. Is it possible that Roon is working on bringing in SHNID and as a metadata source? I have a decently large collection of shows, and would have a statistically high probability receiving benefit from this if only incremental.

To date I have 1362 Grateful Dead shows identified by Roon, I can’t use that as a hard and fast number, as I do collect new sources, especially high resolution upgrades. But I have convinced myself that my collection is growing faster than I download, which leads me to believe that more and more of my collection is being identified.


That’s why I’ve been asking if there is a way to know what metadata (even at the album level) has been updated via “hidden” processing. Metadata update log would be sweet

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Wow! For the most part Roon is able to identify most of the “officially” released Grateful Dead recordings but rarely identifies the “unofficial” or bootleg recordings. Perhaps my tagging and titles are not in a format that Roon can identify. Would you please so kind as to provide a few screenshots showing some of your identified bootleg Grateful Dead recordings? TIA!

That a great suggestion and perhaps Roon already does this under the present logging system. A little clarification would go a long way.


So it looks like the title format is: venue - city, state

I will that a try and let you know if it works! And thanks again.

Now you need to get to work on some cover art - my GD may be unidentified but most of them have covers, via Google image search. :teddy_bear: (just think of him as a dancing bear)

+1 on all that!

If Roon would give us some naming conventions it’d make life a lot simpler. Right now all my live Dead shows up as unidentified (except for Live/Dead, well, you understand). But then most of the tapers were pretty idiosyncratic in naming, too.

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On this I would give Roon a pass since across the various metadata providers that Roon uses there seems to be no consistent naming convention. It’s all hit or miss.

As I stated earlier most of my official live Grateful Dead recordings (Dick’s Picks, Dave’s Picks, etc.) have been identified,it’s mostly the bootlegs are unidentified.

Add in the fact most “official” releases (Springsteen, Sonic Youth, Phish, etc.) are unidentified and the problem just keeps on getting worse.

This was Roon discovery without me touching tags, which is as it came from the various sites that trade in these shows. I have been very reluctant to change metadata, or add anything that may change the MD5’s of the files or change the directory structure. My fear is that by doing so, they lose archival value to the community.

I have been brainstorming how I could use Roon tags to clean stuff up, and fill in the gaps as I understand that Roon tags are kept in the Roon database, and do not change the files themselves. I have just not found a good automated way of doing this.

If I ever want to listen to a specific show I have, but that is not tagged well, I use the directory browsing feature of the BlueSound Node 2i. I store the shows under directories based upon artist and then year. In these listening sessions I keep a paper copy of DeadBase by my side to help understand what I want to listen to.

The shame is that if I ever want to upgrade my Roon endpoint to something else, I always need to consider directory browsing as a feature. I do really like the idea of using a Roon core, either Nucleus, or ROCK on NUK connected via ethernet to the source, and USB to the DAC, but then I lose a pretty large chunk of music, or need to keep another device around and hooked to my playback.

You are much better “Dead Head” than I am and are to be commended. I change the file names and tags to fit my needs but the music stays untouched, since in the end it’s all about the music!

Now if I could only find a few soundboards for the November 1970 run at the 46th Street Rock Palace, Brooklyn, NY. I was at one of those legendary shows as 15 year old Brooklyn punk. However I don’t believe that are any soundboards to be had for those shows.


I am getting weaker. I may put another drive on my NAS, and keep one original, and copy the ones I wanted tagged to a second drive/directory on the NAS

Hi @Seth_Tilis a slightly different Dead question for you: I have 368 Dead albums, most of them Dave and Dicks Picks…

When I choose ARTIST and GRATEFUL DEAD and DISCOGRAPHY it shows me all of them.


When I hit “play”, it seems to pick from the Warner Bros. titles about 90% of the time.

Do you see the same thing? I’ve watched it long enough to think that this can’t be random, given that it’s picking from a dozen or so out of 350…

And you are a better DeadHead than me, and are to be commended. I blow right through any tagging scheme that doesn’t suit me, and lately, via Mark Levinson’s Master Class software, I’m even messing with the original files :sweat_smile:

Now that I’m a snooty audiophile, I only listen to official releases. And even then, only the cream of the crop of those. I’ve whittled a very large Dead collection down to 30 desert island shows of impeccable sound quality and virtuosity. Given I listen to the Dead perhaps once a month, those 30 releases provide plenty of material.

And the grand prize winner for me are the two Spring 1990 box sets.

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I also have a bunch of Dead shows that Roon doesn’t show, will read and follow this thread with interest. :+1:

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@seth_Godin1 I do not have any of these releases in my collection. I am very much a curmudgeon when it comes to my Grateful Dead collection. I like the outside of the industry vibe around bootleg collecting, and never had a taste for the commercial releases of the live shows. I remember when I discovered the Grateful Dead in my youth how taken I was with this philosophy of tape trading, and immediately became involved in that scene.

I did press play the other day on Anthem of the Sun, as this album did blow me away in my youth, and I have to say I made it through maybe 7 minutes before I went to 11/10/67, and 11/11/67 Healy soundboards. Commercial and the Grateful Dead just do not jive in my mind.

Even in the car where I would stream on Spotify some of the various Boot leg series that have been released, this has been replaced by Relisten, as the “organic” feel of listening to a bootleg feels appropriate.

Just to remain consistent… Roon, please consider SHNID as a meta-data source. pretty please?

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Thanks @Seth_Tilis

I think I just figured out why Roon wasn’t playing the non-commercial or semi-commercial recordings…

when I play by artist, it says it’s playing “popular” tracks. So somewhere along the way, it seems like Roon is either paying attention to what others are listening to, or tapping into a database that is…

It’s an interesting choice if that’s what they’re doing–defaulting to the familiar.

When you look at a bands discography, there is a filter on the right that appears to default to sort by popularity.
Switch that to by title and the bootlegs align nicely.
Mine did at least.


About that screenshot…
Are you sure Roon is identifying these shows, rather than simply pulling info from the tags on your own files?

Can you elaborate on this? If you modify the metadata tags so that they are more easily read by players like Roon and JRiver, how is this diminishing their value?

By the way, I ran across this thread after some online searching. I have 3TB of Hi-Res Dead shows and the metadata, tagging, directory/file name conventions are what I’d call a “dog’s breakfast.”

I am committed to cleaning it up.

From the start, I’ve operated under the assumption that I am just trying to normalize metadata tags so Roon can display the albums/tracks in a navigable, clean way.

I’ve never thought that I could do anything to help ruin associate these shows with an online data source. That is a completely new wrinkle!

I am in the process of learning a software called mp3tag that should help with batch editing. Trying to determine a consistent tagging convention and establish a workflow to get through it.

This is not my world. Any help appreciated!!!

do your albums have a *.txt file included with the audio files with details about the show? This is often the case for many trader sources of Grateful Dead shows. If you have this, you should check out “foobar2000” and also install the extra component, “live show tagger”. It can automate a lot of things well.

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I really like the features of mp3tag. Being able to use a txt file to rename and tag is handy. The regex preview is really sweet.

Conventions? There probably are, but none I’ve ever seen that were followed.

I trade still. They insist that the uploads maintain the md5sum which way too often means, having no info or worse yet wrong info stays that way. I can see why we keep the md5sums, but why there isn’t a convention for naming and id3 tagging . . . anyhow.

So, I keep two copies. One that is “approved” to trade and then one which doesn’t leave me asking what is BBHC(Janis Joplin)-1967-10-08t02.

Your experience may vary.

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