Is my NUC directory structure messed up?

I’m going to be replacing the “My Passport” USB HDD tomorrow with a new drive. What I don’t get is why there are multiple my passport directories here. And, is backup in a proper location?

I plan to migrate all the music and just leave the backup on this HDD. But, if I try to delete the “My Passport” folders, I get an error, saying it is in use. Should I just let it be, and simply delete “Music” (which contains a zillion flags) once the migration is over, and let sleeping dogs lie?

Thanks for any help!

From the little that I can see, it looks like the WD passport disk is partitioned.

I believe, although I don’t do it this way, that the backup folder can be located on a USB connected disk in this manner provided that only the music folder is added to the watched locations used for the Roon library media storage. I.e. Roon is not watching the “Roon Backup” folder for library additions.

Or maybe you could add “Roon Backup” to 'ignored paths:

Thank you. This is weird, because I did not partition the WSD (!)

I have Roon watching the “VendorCo” (a thumb drive attached to the NUC); a Synology NAS and the “Roon Backup” that you see.

Here is my library setting. Roon is looking at “Music” and not the “Roon Backup.”

When I go to move the music, then, am I cool with just deleting the music folder and keeping the roon backup? It seems I am. No clue about the partition, and my Mac disk utility doesn’t see it, so there is no way to change it. BTW, not sure how to enter the backup folder path, so thinking I just leave it be.

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Your storage setup looks correct to me.

Regarding the partitioning, sometimes external drive manufacturers partition the disk themselves and put things like ‘drivers’ in the different (very small) partitions. These partitions are often not visible (by default) on the machine to which they are connected. I don’t know whether this is the case with the WD passport.

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Wade, thanks so much. I’ll just leave it be and delete music once the multi-day migration is over:)

Totally separate thing. But I hope your new drive isn’t another WD. I have had several. Very unreliable.

Get a NAS to protect against drive failure.

Thanks. Got a Seagate EXO. everything is backed up to the cloud, to a NAS, and two other hard drives

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Your issue of multiple drives appearing has nothing to do with partitioning. That being said, any external drives should be formatted as exFAT.

It’s a mystery but I guess it’s not harming anything, especially once I get my new drive (which will be exfat)


I’m supposing you’re under Mac right?
Had a similar issue with a SSD connected to my Nucleus +
One day when mounting via network my SSD on my Mac everything was in double, had also, like you, SSD name ending with 1-1 and 1-2.
I connected physically the SSD to my Mac and Started deleting the duplicate ending with 1-2. Once it was done I realised all my music was gone….
Luckily I had a backup….

The second time it happened, I connected again the SSD to my Mac and ran disk utility and SOS. Once it was done I had only one, correct, folder and sub folders remaining.

Don’t really know what’s happening but it seems whatever Roon is doing to the music folder could send wrong information to Mac OS and that Mac shows a double (triple in your case) folder that isn’t there….

Hope this helps

Yes, using a Mac. I’ll try to disconnect and reboot; otherwise, I’ll just leave it.