Is my situation even possible to combine with Roon?

Hi Roon team,

I’ve read and saw a lot of info on Roon but I just don’t understand if I can have Roon in my situation.

So, I dont have Roon (YET). But I do want it. This is how my house looks like:


  • Internet router


  • Notebook streaming Tidal through USB to Burson Composer/Soloist DAC+AMP to my headphones.

I dont have the possibility to pull wires through the house from downstairs to my notebook or DAC/AMP upstairs. Does this mean I cannot use Roon? Is there any solution possible?

It does not outright mean you can’t try Roon wireless but it is not recommended at all and if it did not work you really are on your own as it is not supported.

However some people have had success, a lot depends on the size of your library, DSP usage etc.

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When I first set up my Roon system, I had my core machine in my music listening room which is nowhere near my router in the basement. It worked fine, although I eventually moved it as I did not want to listen to the fan.

However, as mentioned by @AceRimmer you should try for yourself during the free trial period and see how it goes.


If it doesn’t work as you would like, you can build a NUC to run Roon core and put it next to your router connected by ethernet. Then assemble a WIFI connected RPi4 running RoPieee and connect it to your DAC by USB or add a HAT to the RPi4 if your DAC doesn’t have USB and use whatever.


Hello. I started out with a WiFi based core. It ran far better than I ever expected it would. I’d happily still run it over WiFi if I had to. Give it a shot :wink:


I’ve used wifi successfully in the past with convolution but no DSP. Got drop outs at 192k and above so just used roon DSP to down sample to 96k. Not sure I have ever heard a difference with HD above 96k except for these dropouts to be honest so wifi certainly no deal breaker for me.

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The RPi has particularly poor Wifi unless you are using an external wifi dongle that also needs to be supported.

Trial of Roon is the best thing for you now, assuming that your notebook is able to run roon (older and less well spec’d models might struggle) give it a try.

A wifi connected roon endpoint might work fine but you should connect the core machine via LAN in this regard as a double hop over wifi will not work ideally.

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thank you everyone for your feedback! much appreciated!

I think I will try the following:

  • connect Roon server(intel nuc, fanless) downstairs directly via ethernet to router (Unify dream machine)
  • Use my notebook (lenovo thinkpad t480s) as the roon streamer and connect the notebook via usb to my dac/amp

Should work. I got a very stable and strong wifi in my house.

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My RPi4 has great WIFI. I can use it outside the house.