Is my Valence ‚taste‘ stored locally or in the cloud?


One question regarding Valence.
It should get better and better based on what I am listening to. Is this ‚experience‘ or ‚memory‘ of Valence now stored local in my roon installation or in the cloud bound to my user ID?
I am asking because, what happens when my roon installation crashes and importing a backup fails? Does Valence have do begin learning from the beginning then?


Valence is not really tied to an individual, it is not learning you specifically; it is just learning how all users listen. As far as I understand it. So, nothing about it is stored locally. Nor is anything about it bound to your User ID. Again, as I understand it.

Everything it’s in the cloud today… Now, all is good and nice with the cloud, until it starts to rain, so just enjoy the music and wait for the first storm (remember Amazon’s S3 crash a year or so ago). As for Valence, there is no need for the users to worry about, it can do bad by itself!

„The cloud“ is a nice word for someone else’s computer. A euphemism. sales vocabulary.

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It’s a way lot more than that, but basically yes, it’s someone else’s computer(s).

We’re back to how it all started. Someone’s big mystery box and you have a terminal.

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