Is NAD M51 roon certified

I have been looking for a new Roon Ready DAC and wondering if the NAD M51 is? Also, can it decode MQA files?

DACs aren’t roon ready only network streamers. I believe the M51 is an older discontinued model so can’t see it having MQA support.

Yeah, my mistake. I am looking for a DAC with MQA support. I already have a Roon Ready streamer by exasound, but it will only work with an exasound DAC. Unfortunately mine is an older DAC that won’t do MQA. I’m exploring replacing both units so I’m not always stuck with one brand for both going forward. Or getting a streaming DAC.

Nad M51 is a dac ! I think you meant M50

No, I actually meant the C658 as a streaming DAC to replace both my streamer + DAC. I think I must have had a couple of NAD components opened at once and mixed up the model numbers. It doesn’t seem to prominently advertise Roon, so I wasn’t sure. It will do MQA.