Is Nucleus+ a Streaming Device?

I purchased a Nucleus+ and a Brooklyn DAC+. I stream Tidal.

As I asked: Is Nucleus+, itself a streaming device in that can Nucleus+ see itself as a streaming device and thus, via the USB connection, stream to the Brooklyn DAC+? I can’t get that circumstance to work. That is, I can’t get the Nucleus+ to be a Zone.

Enno Vandermeer in this YouTube video said that one could, using the USB cable ports hook one or two DACs to the Nucleus+. Why would one hook DACs to the Nucleus+ if the Nucleus+ is not, itself, a potential streaming device thus can be made a Device Zone? Did Enno imply the DACs he would hook to implicitly contained streamers; yet, more than once in this video he only used the term DAC. I’m new to this so possibly the combo DAC/Streamer was understood by non-beginners. Yet, devices such as Brooklyn DAC+ are sold solely as DACs.

I thought I was setting up in an optimal fashion with the Nucleus+ USB connected to the Brooklyn DAC+. Maybe I should have studied more since, to a beginner, the marketing material for the Nucleus+ is apparently confusing after setting it up and seeing no Zones.

A nucleus, or any RoonServer, can play to USB connected dacs. Did you go under settings, audio, and verify that you cannot see Brooklyn? It needs to be activated first under settings audio before it will show up as a selectable zone.

Hey @RD_A2Z,

Thanks for reaching out!

As mentioned above, you should be able to see connected devices if you go to Settings > Audio. Do you see the connected device there?


Yes everyone, the Brooklyn DAC+ did enable this time thus it is now a Zone. Earlier in the day I could see it in Audio under Settings but when trying to Enable it would hang-up. This time hitting Enable it fired right off, I could name it, then see it as a Device thus Zone. Everything sounds Great.

Thanks for all the help everyone.

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