Is QNAP TS-453A-4G capable of running Roon Server?

It is Celeron N3150 based with 4 gigs of ram. A bit weaker then recommended setup. Does anyone has experience with similar hardware?

It will definitely run. I use a TS-451 with 8GB and an SSD to hold the dB. But I’ve also run it without the SSD in a VM and it’s fine.

How big is your library?

I think it will not.
I tried the 8gb version.
It worked but that is all.
Very slow…sorry

Just 4200 albums + Tidal. I rather consider some other setup if this one runs slow… thank u for feedback:-)

I run a 453 pro and it works perfectly. SSD for the database and 8gb ram using the dedicated image. Can’t fault it and performance is really good.

2000 albums.