Is Qobuz down right now?

Seems like Qobuz is down for me in Roon and phone app

Where are you? Qobuz OK for me here in the Netherlands.

It’s up now again in the US. About 30 minutes I could not log in via Roon, web or app (internet working fine). Must have been a glitch

Same here in Switzerland - not refreshing the page - it happens since some days - works a while, the stops playing - not showing page.
Very disturbing - no more playlists.
And then clicked on Refresh - and Roon Core crashed

21-11-2020 13-45-51

Happening right now. Checking in from California.

Here in switzerland also again today. Very boring. In Germany, everything is fine.
And it^s a Qobuz Issue, not a Roon Issue.

Qobuz really has issues with stability it’s really not a good stable service at all. Had more downtime this year than Tidal has in its lifetime. Very poor I guess that’s why it’s cheaper, something’s got to give.

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Its fine in the UK, I’ve been using it for the last few hours.

Where are you, Simon? Here in the Netherlands I’m just a Qobuz subscriber, and so far, for me it’s been 99.9% available…

Irritating. I’m new to the service—and of course it never happened during the trial—but I’m extremely reluctant to invest much time getting reliant on it if this is a frequent experience.

I almost dare not ask for fear of starting a foofaraw, but does Tidal do this often? I’m new enough to both services that I could probably eliminate one and not even notice the absence.

UK it’s down more than a certain occupations underwear.

Not had a single Tidal outage since it launched in the UK but I imagine it had them. Only had them via Roon when there servers are down.

Streaming flawless literally all day here in Germany… must be a Brexit hiccup…(couldn’t resist, sorry :kissing_smiling_eyes:)


It’s been working all day for me in the UK.

Which “it?”

I didn’t say today did I though. In general it has more outages than any streaming service.

Not sure I get your question. But I was referring to Tidal in that post.

That’s what I meant. Thanks.

I started with tidal for a couple of years. then I had tidal and Qobuz for a while and then finally swapped to Qobuz only, when they lowered their prices. I haven’t noticed any significant outages in the uk in that time. Certainly no worse than tidal and not noticed any increase recently.

I’ve been using it all day today pretty much, no issues.

You can see it’s downtime quite easily by going here. Down quite a bit in the last 10 days.