Is Radio specific to me?

I have noted over the past few months that the Radio function is getting for want of a better word thicker. Its never been awesome, I have never actually discovered anything new from it, but recently I can literally predict what will happen next.

Is this specific to me? For instance if I play a Lambchop album, the next song after it will be ‘Bill Callahan, Jim Cain’ then the one after that will be John Grant, Boy from Michigan, EVERY TIME.

Almost without doubt. If I play a Drum and Bass album, the song after it will be ‘Flip The Narrative’ by LTJ Bukem, song after YES will be something from Emmerson Lake and Palmer, every time, no deviation.

Its Every Time. I wonder if, over a period of time the algorithm is simply picking up on peoples apathy? i.e. we just let it play, so it thinks its doing a great job and keeps dishing it up?

Is there anyway to personalise it to me. For instance, I dislike almost with an unhealthy passion, Genesis. I just do, its not their fault. Every time a song of theirs comes on in radio, I hit next, without doubt and within seconds. I even tell it I don’t like this track every time, but it keeps dishing it up.

How can we train the AI, which is clearly learning deficient to be better? For instance what about some way to say ‘give me modern recommendations’ There are modern Prog Rock groups I am sure, just because I listen to YES does not mean I want other stuff from exactly 1974.


Roon are looking into it…

ah coolio!

Presumably the looking into it hasn’t been the recent updates?

I hate Genesis too, whole lotta nuthin’.

We are months later, does the roon team need to admit their AI has gone Skynet on them, because I am getting the same results after albums EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Come on Roon people get your AI together. Or at least go see how tidal do it, because they do it better.