Is ROCK the ROON version of Sooloos MC200?

Will ROCK on NUC be as stable as my Meridian MC200? MC200 never failed me: Always on, always available, start every time, never drops during streaming, etc…

The 3 reasons I would retire my MC200 if ROCK+ NUC is as robust and reliable:

  1. Can display album cover when browsing through TIDAL
  2. Can play multi-channel content with the same UI as stereo content
  3. Larger disk space

Are you asking whether ROCK on a NUC will be as stable as running Sooloos Core on your MC200?

Otherwise you’ll need something to run Roon Core on as it won’t run on your MC200.

Yes, that’s what I’m asking: will ROCK on a NUC be as stable as running Sooloos Core on my MC200?

I am running Roon on. QNAP TVS 471 It’s on 24/7 and it works a treat. This is without ROCK just the Roon QNAP program.
My MC200 is an endpoint in my Bedroom now. Not worth selling IMHO.

I have a Synology NAS, not QNAP. Could ROON run onf my Synology NAS?

I would say Nucleus is more like the MC200 – and ROCK is the internals of the MC200/MC600 given out for free.