Is Roon bad at suggesting new music?

I don’t think they offer out a lot of the curated stuff via thier apis it’s not necessarily Roons fault if Qobuz don’t provide access to these things. Same with Tidal. They have to make their app also attractive with unique stuff and they don’t offer via the API and 3rd parties. You don’t get Panaromas in another app that I know off.


I get that, but for Quobuz that’s not necessarily good, given the fact that you need a third party App to use Quobuz with a dedicted streaming device or else you’re stuck with Airplay/Bluetooth. So, until they come up with a feature like Tidal Connect, their App would bettter be used with third party Apps in its full potential. Anyway, I digress here. The whole point of my initial question was “is Roon bad at suggesting new music releases?”. The answer seems to be a clear YES. Thanks for your inputs to this discussion.


Roon has fallen off a cliff in terms of showing me new music. In fairness its never been good.

Roon Radio is broken, they know it is broken as well, but do noting about it. If it is genuinely AI, then its like a really thick AI. It only looks at the last song you played, not your general listening session, it plays the same tracks in the same order after a given track.

I don’t even look at the new releases for you section anymore, completely useless.

When albums are remastered/re-released you will never know because Roon puts it under ‘versions’ and never tells you about it, absolutely shocking.

But hey we have Arc, a pointless way to access music you can access in a million other ways, I am sure glad the dev team spent so much time on that.

I look forward to my post being hidden, because its not super positive.


I have nothing to add. Bravo.

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This is why I only rarely visit the forum anymore.


I agree. This is good feedback for future dev…

Completely agree, unfortunately. I wish I could have the complete Tidal experience within Roon. I do value the reviews and ratings within Roon as well as the music that is suggested immediately after listening to albums or tracks. I keep roon for the positives and hope they improve and allow Tidal/Quobuz to come through within Roon in its entirely.


Well said. That’s how I see it. Let’s hope someone is listening and taking the criticism seriously.

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Its horrible and the most frustrating thing about Roon. Many time I have to use Tidal and see the suggestions are. I hope they fix this soon.


I do wish Roon would comment on the ongoing problems with Roon Radio.


I can only support what you all say. I am using roon now since a few months, connected to Qobuz, and I am frustrated too
1: The radio function is more or less useless because
a) I cannot vote /dismiss the current song played. Therefore roon cannot learn what I like or dont like. (there is the really strange feature, that I can only vote the next upcoming song)
b) Songs played with Radio do not really fit my preferences

2: The section about new releases etc. is poor

3: When I play a internet radio station, then roon does not show information the radio station sends about the song played, something which is now available 15+ years.

What I dont understand: Reading the forum, at least issues 1&2 above are discussed already for a long time. Seeing this I come to the conclusion, that roon has no interest to improve it. Maybe roon could comment on that?

I am using roon, because it seems to have a besser UX than Qobuz. I have also a local library music on a harddisc, however not important to me. So I guess I will cancel roon as soon Qobuz or Tidal have a better app.


For 1.a) : if you click on the image of the current song played, then you can vote or dismiss this song.

It does nothing for it learning your tastes in the future.

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It would be nice if the algorithm which prepares the “New releases for you” section could be customized by the user. For example, a few settings would allow to select (or exclude) some genres, labels, artists, etc.

Specifying the “degree of randomness” of the AI algorithm would also be useful.
With zero randomness, only the best matches are proposed, and with some randomness, non optimal matches are allowed.

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Please. Can someone from Roon Team comment this issue.
Because in a Store there is a guy or girl with
suggestion for the next interesting thing…
But now I use streaming with algorithm support to get those inspirations.
And Roon can not take care of that?
Isn’t it just like copy and paste from qobuz into Roon? Probably not…, but why not?
I think that a reaction from dev team would be useful…for paying account holders…
Can you give us an explanation why it is not an actual feature? I miss this stuff INSIDE of Roon.

First… there is no U in Qobuz.

If you are comparing Roon to Tidal and Qobuz for similar function… as they say, you are doing it wrong. It’s not a music streaming service. Roon has no music inventory. Among other things, it combines access to your favorites from Tidal, Qobuz and your own music in one place and plays them over multiple connected outputs. Maybe a music streaming service is all you want, so go there and save a buck.
As for ARC, it’s great. Tidal favorites, Qobuz favorites and my library all rolled into one service that doesn’t cut out on my Apple car system.
New releases aren’t of much interest to me a classic Jazz person. Roon radio plays plenty of interesting music after my chosen album completes play and I routinely select what’s played for my own library. If I want to see current releases, I go to Tidal and Qobuz to add them there to my Roon library.
There are other features of Roon you should investigate. You might discover you like the service after all.

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I started this thread by saying that I’m a HAPPY Roon user. That means there’s a lot I like about Roon, otherwise I wouldn’t waste my money on it (I’ve put up a NUC and have two Roon Ready devices). However, there should be a plausible reason for the fact that Roon isn’t capable of showing the user tailored new releases provided by Tidal, unlike other, rather useless (unless you’re into hip-hop and pop), suggestions provided by the same service. That’s the point here. Although I’ve been a music lover for 45 years now I’m still eager to listen to new music of a wider variety of genres, including Jazz. So, when Friday comes, it’s a pity I have to leave Roon aside and start looking into the streaming Apps to find out about new releases. Is this too much to ask for? Maybe it is, but there should be an explanation for it. Cheers


I too am a very happy Roon user but I use Qobuz within the Roon app to find new music. The new music algorithm in Roon doesnt do anything for me. I too like a wide range of music and find Qobuz better than Tidal in europe, especially for new European music.

Dont get me wrong I too like roon, its ease of use throughout my household means the whole family knows how to play music from anywhere in the house. I have not found software that does that other than roon.

But its claims for helping us find new music is just untrue at this stage


You can see a lot more new releases than the recommended generic Tidal one you mention . Go into the Tidal section then go to New releases then select genre. This will show all the same stuff as Tidal App does in its new releases section.

However the user focused curated lists are not available and to my knowledge not available in any 3rd party app perhaps due to limitations of the api they don’t always allow access to everything.

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