Is Roon bad at suggesting new music?

I also find that the Qobuz app presents a better selection of tracks over Roon, when you click on an artist, and just press play.
I find this very odd and frustrating, given that this should be easy for a service like this to do.

Presumably Qobuz and Tidal spend resources curating content. Why would they share that, or spend resources making sharing possible, just because they let Roon integrate the library?

Because Roon does not compete with Tidal and Quobuz. On the contrary, it may bring about new subscribers to the streaming services, especially for Quobuz that doesn’t have a Connect feature like Tidal and Spotify. Maybe this is naive. I don’t know. Anyway, it would be great if Roon could explain why the New Releases section is so poor. That’s the point of this thread.

This sums up all the things I do not like with Roon. Nicely put Mr I.
Saying that mostly Roon is pretty good, but it does seem to be going places so don’t care about


I bought this album in high school … '91 or '92

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It would appear that you have support for some members Vitor. And, I am sorry you have issues locating the music you want to see and hear. It’s cold in Canada and I thought I would create some heat by saying I don’t agree with you in terms of the little monthly Roon charges. Lastly, I fail to understand how complaining and getting others to support your complaint(s) resolves anything for you. mind you, I would offer the last statement to many similar posts. Now, yes see who can disagree with me and get heated well enough to thaw and bring on spring.

I listen mainly to Jazz and classical music and have found just the opposite. Roon is much better at suggesting music I may like. It even comes up with good suggestions of recordings that go back a few decades but are still relevant.
I do agree that being able to access Tidal suggestins within Roon would be a good feature.

What exactly is your point?


So if you listen to the same piece of music roon radio doesn’t then play the same tracks in the same order for you? If so please pass your details to roon.

I can tell you exactly what roon radio is going to suggest and in what order after a given track. Its so predictable it may as well be part of the same album. Now if its an album I have never heard by a band that I have never played, then sure roon radio may then suggest stuff I have not heard before. But if its a genre/band/album I have played before then no, nothing new is presented. ever.

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If I finishing listening on a certain track then Roon Radio kicks in with the same first song every single time. It’s broken.

I was experiencing the Roon “Tidal preferring system” right yesterday when I tried to choose an album in qobuz version and I got stuck with mqa tidal version… grrr… I am “forced” to subscribe tidal too in order to have the best of both worlds, but I don’t think it’s a fair way to manage the users preferences…

My experience is that Roon’s music suggestions have been pretty good at times. I have discovered new music both with the similar artists suggestions on the Artist pages and also occasionally by Roon Radio. At times Roon Radio has really hit a good groove for me.

I have also noticed that with certain Radio seeds, Roon does get super predictable and seems to have a very narrow scope and can be repetitious. My take is that there are just some artists or tracks that when used as seeds they muck up Roon’s AI logic. Whether it is a lack of data or something else that screws up the Radio AI I don’t know. But I have seen it - where you start Radio from a given seed multiple times and see that it basically does the same thing every time, and that its scope is too narrow to be considered like a Radio DJ. I would say this is definitely the minority of times I have used Radio, but have seen it.

Perhaps if you are starting from an obscure track or artist, or just one that for whatever reason screws with the logic, this is what you get.

But I don’t think it applies across the board. It’s there, but by no means is Radio entirely broken that way.

I have also noticed that Roon Radio makes certain assumptions…for example you might want Steely Dan radio to be jazzy rock, but instead you just get a bunch of classic rock. I don’t think there is a way to fix that unless Roon Radio offers configuration options like what level of genre to include.

I don’t use Roon Radio at all. I listen to albums. I have been using Roon for 6 years and find the new releases listed based on my listening history to be pretty good. Also the “recommended for you” below the album being currently listened to are very often great suggestions. I am constantly listening to albums I haven’t heard before and would not have found without these suggestions.

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