Is Roon for me? This is what Im looking for

Hi guys,

Can Roon do this for me?

Spotify Echo Dot (3.5m headphone out)> USB DAC in on a Pi Zero W>Airplay enabled receivers

I also need to be able to control connection to these Airplay devices though HA-Bridge

I understand this is not the best quality, I’m more interested in multi-room audio.


I don’t think Roon is for you. Currently it’s Tidal only, not Spotify.

Ok thanks :slight_smile:

I am not convinced anything can do what you want. You have a audio jack out of the Dot but jump straight to USB in to the Pi. You want the Dot as a front end, can it use a network protocol such as Cast? If it could then you could probably come up with a workable solution even if it won’t be Roon.

I’d say Roon is for everyone as it’s just so much fun to use but you may have to design your system to fit Roon.
Having used Roon from the start, that’s what I would plan to do. Good luck.

A lot of people know Roon is for them after the first ten minutes. Try it and see if you’re one.

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