Is Roon having server/networking issues right now? (Resolved)

Seems like every navigation action in roon is delayed. Many other users reporting this on Facebook. I wonder if support can update us if they have any issues with their hosting service/servers?

I, too,am having troubles, which started happening suddenly in the last half hour. Partial loads of albums/artists, and check network connection errors.

Hi @goldwerger,

The cloud services team is investigating a few reports of performance issues this evening. I’ll update this post when they’ve given an update.


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I am in Australia/Melbourne. Having similar problems. Qobuz was down for a while yesterday - today both it and Tidal are up and I can stream without problems - but roon content is delayed. I also get “cannot access roon search” intermittently and no online search result. Try again a few minutes later, and it works - though sometimes with a delay.

All network working fine. My WAN is 250mbps…


I should add that everything works fine from my library, even Qobuz and Tidal streams. And what does load plays OK. I am in Maine USA.

Thank you - looks like many users have been impacted starting about an hour ago.

Appreciate the follow up. Good luck troubleshooting!

Should be resolved!


Thanks. I was having similar issues.

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