Is Roon Nucleus more reliable than Sonic Transporter?

Hey guys. I have an i5 ST and not happy with it. My library is large consisting of nearly 300K files. The ST has been slow to react either on my iPhone app or the desktop. Mainly a lot of waiting to connect and it’s frustrating to say the least. I use the ST with the Optical Rendu for best sound quality. It’s nice when it connects but I’m wondering about better options to work with the optical Rendu.

So, is nucleus more reliable? I just wanna plug and play and not deal with constant connect issues.


The 300K files is probably the issue, not the ST itself.
You need an i7 or i9 for that size collection if you want it to be zippy, See the recommendations for Nucleus vs Nucleus+, or for the various ST versions, including the i9 version.

The Nucleus plus, with the i7, is for large collections.

If this isn’t the issue and you are really talking about the connectivity issues, that may be something else and probably reveals a network issue.

Have you asked Small Green Computer about your issues?

The obvious red flag is library size vs. processor size. But this could also be other issues such as how your library is hosted and whether you switch your gear on to use or leave it on 24/7.

It’s on 24-7. I think processor speed is the issue. Just disappointed it didn’t start till the recent Roon update.

You’d want a N+ for 300k files, but before you go down that road, its absolutely worth talking to @agillis – That i5 is probably fine (although I’d want faster for 300k files), but you might need more RAM if you only have 4GB.

Either way (more CPU or more RAM), talk to @agillis – he will totally take care of you.

Yes, we’re talking. I’m currently re-adding all my music folders so basically starting over. The i5 has worked okay. Maybe a bit slow when I open the iPhone app to see my “recents” or “discover”. Sometimes might take 3-5 secs to populate. Not a dealbreaker until this last update. It took like 3 hours for Roon to get stable after the update. Kept losing the connection. Then I added some new music last night and it just kept trying to reconnect and was completely non functional. So Andy suggested re-adding my drives. I tried adding my 4 main volumes with several music folder sub-directories and Roon’s been not connecting for the last 24 hours. So I just started over by adding the actual folder directories one volume at a time. I’m currently adding 11 different folder directories from inside Volume One. It’s currently adding tracks out of 177685, 10745 have been added and identified and it keeps going up so that’s good. I will then move on to the folders inside Volume Two. Will keep you posted. I’m curious about getting more RAM though. I’ve never had any dropouts or anything with the i5 so it’s been stable once connected.

Updates often update metadata capabilities and require a big download. They also you the system requirements slightly. How much RAM is in your system?

300k is a lot and will bump “more”

What system? The Sonic Transporter i5? Whatever it came with. The issue has been with the ST connecting ever since the update. So I’m having to start over reloading all files. I really hope it fixes it.

My NAS which houses all my files. But it’s always worked well.

Processor and Memory look like red flags to me even on a smaller library

Woke up this morning and all 177K files were added. Went to add another folder from my next volume two and now it’s hanging up and won’t connect. Not sure why this is happening ever since the update. I assume it’s still analyzing the 177K files but now it’s unusable.

I was able to check to see if it’s analyzing and it’s stuck on 0 of 177K files. Something is clearly broke here.

I would also say it’s more of a cpu/memory issue than it is about “brand” of “vendor”. Also since your library is quite huge. Any upgrade in cpu or memory would probably be beneficial.

I personally have bigger issues with Tidal being slow than my local files. This has changed with the latest updates, but can just as easily be the fault of Tidal. But I have around 40 000 files or so. Nothing in comparison to your library.

CPU memory where? In the Sonic Transporter??

Possibly you can update the ram in the SonicTransporter quite easily and try that? I understood it as you have 4gb now?

I have never had music files on a NAS so I don’t have experience about performance there.

@Spence_Marquart Spencer there is some problem with Roon on your system. Contact Roon support so they can look at the logs.

The sonicTransporter has 8GB of RAM which is more then enough for your collection.

Okay. How do I get support? @support?


Please let me know what you need from me to get this looked at?


Post in the Support forum.

I returned the i5, nothing but issues. Got the Nucleus Plus a week ago, not even the slightest hiccup, may be pricey but with what we have totally invested in our gear seems like a small price to pay for reliable streaming.


That’s what I’m trying to figure out. When you have as much invested in a large library, it needs to be reliable. But something happened after the recent update making the ST useless. Trying to pinpoint what’s happening. Not sure I can drop the money in a nucleus plus or ST i9. I’d like to be able to return the i5 for the i9 ST. We’ll see.