Is Roon ok on iPadOS 14 and iOS 14


Last year all iPad and iPhone users had problems with iOS13 in combination with Roon.

This evening the final release from iOS14 arrives. Is it safe too download this firmware, is it stable enough?

I have run iOS14 on iPad and iPhone throughout the beta period and had no issues with Roon.


I too haven’t had any issues with Beta 10.14

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Yep, same here. iOS14 on iPhone 11 Max Pro, no issues.

Has anyone dared to install iOS 14 yet and if so are there any issues with Roon?

I have an iPhone XS and my wife has an 11 PM but we are loathe to install V14 for fear of breaking Roon.

I’m hesitant because I remember the long threads of disgruntled customers with previous years releases of iOS and MacOS and as yet there has been no communication from Roon’s developers.

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Hi @oneofmany, I’ve merged your post into this topic, see above.

Thanks Carl, my bad for not searching for an existing thread.

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No worries, easy done.

Updated 2020 iPad Pro - no issues
Updated 2017 iPad Pro - no issues
Updated 2015 iPad Air - No issues
Updated 2017 iPad Mini 4 - No issues
Updated iPhone XR - no issues
Updated iPhone 8 - no issues


No Roon issues here with updated 2018 iPad Pros (11" and 12"). Gonna try iPhone X next (my secondary phone).

Works great on my 12 inch iPad Pro with iOS 14


Thanks very much Techru, all updated now.

Shouldn’t have to rely on other users for communication like this, especially since previous years debacles, the lifetime price rise communication debacle and the Roon Certified debacle.

Works like a charm on iPhone Pro 11

Roon does not work on my Xs. I am getting the “Waiting for remote core…” message. Anyone succeeded with IOS14 on Xs?

I’m noticing that although I can connect to the remote core, tracks are only playing for 20 seconds.

This is on an iPhone XS paired with AirPods Pro.

Works fine from MacOS still.

I am sure the issue is IOS14. My wife has not yet upgraded and she’s now in control [:{

If you have issues after the phone software update, it may be resolved by rebooting the Roon Core, just to refresh the connection with the XS. There is no difference for the WiFi hardware between the iPhone XS and XR, so not sure why it wouldn’t work just fine.

Upgraded to iPadOS 14 last night on a pro 12.9.

Starting remote after the upgrade generated a question if it was ok for Roon to access the internet (?). Replied OK and it was up and working. Don’t recall seeing that previously and subsequent remote startups have not asked the question so apparently it was a one time thing. Probably normal first time access with new release.

This morning starting the remote I had a blank page with “Error loading saved page” message. Something else I haven’t seen before. Direction arrows forward and backward moved around the error page but did not get rid of it. Selecting an album then using the back arrow did clear it.

Other than those 2 differences it seems to be working fine.

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Network question is probably related to new ios14 security features that require permission from user to access local network.