Is ROON Radio is Sexist?

I have noticed that if I start playing a female vocalist of various types and let ROON Radio start, it will within 1 or 2 songs start playing male vocalist and never go back to female vocalists. This happens over and over! Not just vocals but artists as well. I thought Valence was a fancy machine learning tool but when it comes to female artists it is woefully inadequate.
I’m not sure how best to give this information but hopefully someone will see this and do something about it. At least mix it up a little bit!

This never happens for me. Probably has to do with the genre you listen to.

Vintage jazz, folk, modern jazz, pop…? Happens to me all the time and I give feedback to ROON radio to try to change it but tonight it did it again so I finally posted about it. It’s very obvious to me.

Just percentages I’d have thought


Maybe that’s because Valence is learning from a predominantly male audience that listens to predominantly male artists?

Let’s be grateful we don’t have a big Roon population listening to racist Nazi rock or singers/songwriters :rofl:


queues 1930’s era Deutsches Volksmuzik

But back ontopic.

It seems Roon is mixing it up here about 50/50. It seems to me that it does depend though on what kind of music was playing before.

I am not a big radio user but that’s my experience as well. I generally don’t see the issues people continually complain about. I don’t get the same songs all the time and I don’t see it get stuck in a loop. Maybe that’s just because of my light usage as my seeds are always different and I never let it run for more than maybe 2 or 3 hours, but for me it actually plays good selections (and the daily mixes as well)

This is my experience, too. When I’m outdoors I may queue up an album, then have Radio run thereafter for a few hours or more. I rarely hear repeats, or incongruities.

Currently, I’m letting Radio run, and so far five female artists vs. four male seeded with Mark Knopfler. If I’d seeded from Dire Straits it may well be different, so genre is most likely a big factor.

OK, thanks for the feedback. I’ll continue to give ROON Radio feedback and see how it goes.
Thanks for the input everyone.

Just found this: