Is Roon Radio Prioritising Qobuz PCM?

I recently decided to retire a Chord Hugo 2, which had filled a gap as I worked from home during the lockdowns, at the desk, using headphones.

Given the very positive reviews on some newer DACs, e.g. Gustard, I decided to replace the Hugo 2 with an SMSL VMV D2, largely for full MQA decoding, and because I could get one from a European retailer (annoying past experiences with Cayin via Ali Express).

Early days, but from day one, the D2 is impressive, especially when using an external clock.

So…I was playing some of the recent Pink Floyd MQA tracks, but when Radio kicked in, it played Prog on Qobuz (first ‘Wish You Were Here’, then Supertramp ‘School’). And I did notice, and not in a good way.

I still want to keep Qobuz for it classical catalogue, but cannot fathom why, after playing MQA tracks it would go to Qobuz tracks.

Of course, I have solved the problem by switching off Radio, but if I have missed an announcement on this, it would be good to know.

Hi, I appreciate this is an old topic and you’re likely ok now but just in case … this should help …

Radio plays whatever it thinks matches it’s algorithm it’s not format or service based it’s agnostic in this regard and uses the version that best matches the algorithm and this can be on one or the other. Not sure why you would not want to play from Qobuz. But in recent update they added a feature to be able to choose your preferred service and mqa preference for Radio if that’s your choice.

Yes but there’s now more to it … when the same track is available on both services, Roon now uses this setting to decide what it plays.

The MQA content setting is also taken into account…

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I said that further down.

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