Is Roon ready for Catalina?

the next MacOS , Catalina , … Roon and Roonserver are they ready for?

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Not yet…

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using public beta fine

@RTaylor3rd No issues with accessing external discs?

i’m not smart about these things however i did have setup issues with external. i was trying to access my nas as a Volume and it wouldn’t take so i went by way of IP address with user and password. smooth as butter.

I’ have my library on a external disc… Think I’ll wait for the official release.

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I’m getting massive graphical corruption issues (as in, Roon is impossible to use) when in full-screen mode on Catalina. Fine windowed.

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I am having problem to access external hard drive with Catalina.

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Read my post directly above, there is a known problem.

Me too. Roon should have warned us in advance.


Same here (running on macbopok pro 15" 2018)

I’m also getting the same oddness when in full screen. Changing it to windowed mode also seems to fix things. Oddly, it also seems to help with resource usage. Both CPU and energy usage are substantially lower in windowed mode than in full screen.

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Hi, I run Roon OD on a NAS (Synology) and have a Mac Catalinz 0S Client … everything works well … except full screen mode (blurred screen with grey an red lines), a bit annoying.

Seriously Roon ? 17 days and no fix ?

We receive loads of emails from you for Roon tested hardware but not a single warning here ?
Now that I’ve updated my OS, how can I enjoy my music ?

What will happen with my annual subscription ?

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I have exactly the same. Roon control app fine in window, unusable / in full screen. MacBook Pro 15 2017 model…