Is Roon Rock able to support Intel NUC12WSKi5?

I’m new user of Roon, and looking for Intel NUC 12th Gen to build my new system, I saw NUC12WSHi5 is on Roon Rock compatible list, but no NUV12WSKi5, and it said other model may work.
I’m curious that is any user using NUC12WSKi5 / NUC12WSKi7 is working fine?
Thanks for your help~

Just compare the two on Intel’s website and you’ll see, that they’re the same, but K is 37mm vs. H being 54mm high, so you can’t put a second (music)HD into K…

Thanks for your reply, I saw the H & K specs is same, but concern for bios version (model number) is different and make room rock unable to install.

No worries, they’ve even got the same main board number!

Thanks Marin, much appreciate for your answer~

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