Is Roon running slow for you all?

I was noting Roon was taking a lot longer than normal to open an artist or play a track before the last update. Seemed to fix it with the update now it is doing it again. If I want to play a new track it might take up to 10 seconds before it will start playing or same for a search or to open and artist. Sometimes it’s not as bad but overall for sure it is taking much longer overall that it was before the big update. It has seemed to be fixed a number of times but it’s doing it again just lately.

Yesterday evening everything was still very fast. This morning something’s wrong. Awfully slow.

Yes, it looks like there’s a problem with the cloud services responding too slowly.

@support - can someone please check this?

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I’ve moved your post over to the Support category…

It’s not only running slow, but it’s failing to retrieve Discographies.

Yes, same here.

Also, Roon is not playing Qobuz tracks at the moment - while the Qobuz app itself has no trouble. Houston, we have a problem…

Working fine for me in the UK.

Ok for me in Amerika.

OK - not working here in the Netherlands, then…

Edit2: Houston - problem solved… - My Pi-hole server needed rebooting…

OK, so I rebooted my ROCK Core, and noticed that once my Roon client was reconnected that I had a Qobuz Login failure.

  • I clicked the “Retry” - it didn’t work, so I went to edit my Qobuz login details. I found that the Password field was empty.
  • I entered my password and then got a Network connection error.
  • Rebooted my ROCK Core one more time, and thought that everything was back to normal
  • However, now my Qobuz login fields were both blank.
  • Filled in the username and password, and got the Network error again.
  • Result - no Qobuz service at the moment

…And some Cloud services are also running slowly…

No Qobuz problem here in the Netherlands. Everyting runs at normal speed. Synology 718+ with Roon on seperate SSD. IPad as remote.

Hmm - still getting the Network error here in the Achterhoek (in the Netherlands)… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Unplug everything (router,core, plager etc) for a few minutes. Grtz from Gelderland.

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Found the problem - my Pi-hole server had gone down, and needed rebooting. Now logged into Qobuz again.

Thanks for the nudge!

Everything’s back to normal again. No idea what happened…

Yep last version on macbook starts slow

Hi @ryan_stratton,

Thanks for reporting this and sorry about the trouble. Is this still occurring for you? It looks like the problem was resolved for some of our subscribers that have posted on your thread.

Thanks everyone for your help :pray:

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It’s still happneing taking about 20 seconds before a track will start playing. I’ve had slowness issues before and they have always resolved but this has been going on for a week. It doesn’t matter if it’s a local file from my hard drive or a streamed one either. A search for an artist or album can be the same way sometimes takes 20 or more seconds to open other times it’s. a little bit faster.

So if the problem is still present, the Support team is going to need more information about your setup as outlined here:

Detailed information about your local network setup will be particularly relevant (since you say the slowness affects both local and streamed files). Thanks.

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