Is roon too clever? [Turning off Radio auto- play]

Roon chooses and play music of a similar genre to a track or an album I played once it is finished. Some might like it, i find it irritating. Can this function be switched off?

When i choose to play album, is there a way of making the it play without having to press play now. This may be useful foe some but I’mm not enjoying this particular feature!

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This is actually dead simple. There is a radio button on the playing now screen, simply turn it off and Roon won’t play anything when your album is done playing.

As for your second problem, can’t help. It takes two clicks to play an album. Should it be a single click? Maybe. As for me, I don’t complain nor find certain aspects of life irritating; one or two clicks really makes no difference in my life.

I don’t think Roon is clever enough… Roon should know my mood and just play what I want to hear without having to ever press any buttons.

It does…its playing in the twilight zone :wink:

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[quote=“kayo, post:2, topic:27997”]
It takes two clicks to play an album. Should it be a single click?
[/quote]YES. (I didn’t know that replies must be a minimum of 10 characters.)

I found that spaces count…

I guess if you can’t play an album with one click than you should be able to rely with one ‘yes’?! :wink:

That’s very funny.

Yes. -> Yes now.


Can I permanently turn off Roon Radio? Or do I have remember each time I play an album? Surely you don’t want to torture me.