Is Roon worth it just to play Tidal only?

Thanks, appreciate it. I don’t have a problem at all with Tidal’s app, at the end of the day it’s straight forward and reliable.

Not all streaming apps are created equal. Personally, for me Tidal through Roon sounds better than Tidal app on iPhone. Big plus for Roon is that it is possible to make EQ sound adjustments when it is necessary. Tidal app has no EQ. In addition, Roon is much better at suggesting similar content.


Yeah having EQ at fingertip disposal is tempting or nice to have anyway, although my preamp does have simple tone controls. What does your audio chain consist of?

Nothing spectacular. Roon Core (Unraid Docker), iPhone 12, AirPods Pro, Chromecast, Yamaha RX-V685, Yamaha WX-021

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I combine Tidal & Roon and already had plenty of playlists in Tidal before I started using Roon. It can be worth it, e.g. if you want EQ (I don’t). Or if you are interested in more tools for organizing and searching and building your collection and/or playlists than what Tidal has to offer. However, the Tidal/Roon integration is far from perfect. You might want to have a look at this thread: Tidal Integration: What's Still Broken in 1.8
As far as audio quality is concerned, I hear no difference.

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Thank you, i’ll definitely read up on it.

of course Roon is worth it, because Roon has DSP and oversampling filters the SQ will improve

although… it all depends on the hardware you use, if the streamer and/ or dac is limited to 44 kHz / 16 bit then the sound quality improvement is zero.

In my opinion it’s worth it.

There’s DSP, gorgeous UI, options like Focus and Discovery, radio, organisation, support for multiple endpoints, etc.


Well this is a big selling point because the UI on MyVolumio blows. It feels like and acts like a UI from 10 years ago.

Do the trial and see how you like it. I was sold within hours. There is also the community here with lots of interesting reads and super helpful people.

Yes it is!

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The 14 day trial is an easy decision. My other question is why Tidal?

You should consider Qobuz either as an add-on or alternative. If you time it right, it should be possible to test all three together at no additional cost. The only risk is getting hooked on Roon and Qobuz/Tidal like all of us.

Enjoy yourself


I hear you, my question would be, why Qobuz?

There is a long chain with a poll in which there was an 80-20 split in favour of Qobuz.

The main attraction is higher sound quality. Take a free Qobuz trial at the same time as Roon and see which you prefer.


I have both Tidal and Qobuz, prefer Qobuz.


Just signed up for a free trial with Qobuz and will also do so with Roon, hopefully it’s integration of Tidal and Qobuz is not super buggy.

You have a fun fortnight ahead. Please let us know how you get on.

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I have both currently and they integrate just fine with no issues so far. Will be dropping Qobuz and keeping Tidal as it offers much more of what I need in terms of catalogue and features.

Follow up question as i’m in the midst of the free trial…Roon accessed my iTunes library somehow which i don’t use anymore, how do i disconnect / remove my own personal library from Roon? I only want to see my music from TIDAL and Qobuz.