Is the link to Early Access Linux easy install up to date?

When I download and try to install on my linux box it installs from the script but seems to be the production version and indicates “update required”.

Any pointers?


Hi, @peter_richardson, thank you for your post. Am i getting it right that you are trying to use the easyinstaller script downloaded from this page and it installs the latest production version instead of the early access one or that problem you are seeing affects the full package downloaded from that page?



It seems to install the production version.

That appears to result in it stalling as requires update.

Thanks for getting back . Not urgent for me as I have an alternative server but was testing the capability!

Got it, thank you for the reply. We are going to investigate what’s wrong with the easy installer script on Monday.

Sorry for the delay.



I managed to fix this by reinstalling roon on the wondows machine