Is the roon remote available outside USA?

I’m looking forward for it to arrive in Sweden.

Definitely available in the UK and other European countries - can’t see why Sweden would be specifically ruled out? I’m sure there must be at least one other Swedish user here?

Guess I’m a moron.

I was trying to switch store at the bottom of the Itunes homepage and ended up at

When properly looking I found it within Itunes.

Now I’m looking forward to my first ipad arriving.

I still think there is room for roon in your pocket.
Streaming your local library across the web.
If not on the Iphone then on the ipad.
WIFI should not be required.
What if my WIFI dies.

Having to rely on the split interfaces of TIDAL and the native Music app is not very good and it would be a good place to bring roon to in the future.

The ipad obviously offers more in the way of designing a great interface and being able to use my ipad outside WIFI range would be wonderful. The WIFI range is really tiny. Why have great internet on your ipad if you can’t use it…

This topic is splitting in two with one asking for an Iphone app and the other asking for the ipad app to work outside WIFI.

This might already work as I can’t try until my ipad arrives.

Hi Ulf,

There is a Phone Roon app in development, it won’t be limited to just iPhone, sorry I’d don’t know when it will be released.

A present the Roon components only work together on the local network (though some on here have extended there LAN using a VPN to a second location).

Cloud base streaming of ones local collection is a feature that many of us would like.

Have a search in the Feature Request category on here, there are some existing topics discussing both of these in there.