Is the Thrax Enyo really Roon Ready?

@support I have stumbled across an ideal product for my current living situation, the Thrax Enyo. It is advertised as being Roon Ready, but I see it is not currently listed in your product matrix. Is it actually Roon Ready as of now or is it still in the works, or is this the first you are hearing of it? I get the impression a lot of manufacturers throw the Roon Ready term around but aren’t actually ready to run with a product.

Review of sorts here seems to say Roon and MQA are supported via the optional 900€ streamer module

Roon Ready certified devices are listed in:

If you intend to buy a product because it is advertised as Roon Ready, but the brand is absent from the above lists, you’d better ask @support first.

I always would.

Thanks for the post @en1omb!

I just did some searching around the community site just to see if the Thrax Enyo was by chance mentioned elsewhere. Unfortunately outside of this post I don’t see reference to this unit and furthermore, if it is not listed on our “partner device matrix” list it is likely that the unit is indeed not RoonReady.

I have placed a feedback request with our DEV team for some feedback.


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One more thing. With a Roon Ready integrated amplifier (such as Lumin M1) you’d want the volume control in Roon app to control the amplifier volume.

If a manufacturer purchases an OEM network board that featured RAAT from another company, and put it inside the amplifier, it still needs to pay and work with the network board company to do the customization like this, and sends it to Roon Labs for certification, which should result in appearing in the above certification lists. Otherwise when you control the volume in Roon, the network board digitally attenuates the signal without changing the amplifier volume, which would be bad.

Personally I am a fan of remote controls with real buttons, so my preference would be to use the remote that comes with the unit.

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The Enyo is not yet certified as Roon Ready. They implemented a third-party networked audio module that a number of our partners use and released it without ever actually being in contact with us.

We learned about this recently, have been in contact with them, and they are working on QA toward being certified, but as of now they are not certified.


Thanks for the update. That sounds like maybe a Raspberry Pi implementation? I was hoping for something a bit more upmarket. Having heard the dCS Network Bridge, I know how much difference the board can make. Perhaps being fully integrated is enough of a benefit to counteract it a bit.

I just picked up this unit and it’s a world class integrated. However, it is still not Roon certified as of today

Hi Andrew, Darrin here from Audio Limits. I’m glad to hear you like the Enyo. It’s an amazing tube integrated amplifier. Feel free to give me a call