Is there a bulk-change way to make the internal-drive versions primary instead of NAS?

I recently set up a new Nucleus Plus. I loaded a metadata backup. Then I copied local albums from a Windows machine to the Nucleus 1 TB SSD but they didn’t all fit. So I added a backup on a NAS to Roon’s watched directories. Since the backup was complete, Roon now has two versions of most album (or more, in some cases). The duplication doesn’t bother me.

But Roon made the NAS versions primary (presumably because I added the NAS second). The files are identical, but I would prefer the internal files to be primary because the NAS has more failure modes (network, power, busy doing a backup…).

Can anybody think of a way to make all of the files on the internal drive primary? In a way that handles those cases where there is no internal version? Except if there is a higher resolution version available from Qobuz?

I can focus on storage location, but if I select-all, the edit function doesn’t address versions.

Roon’s preference policy doesn’t address multiple local drives.

I could wipe everything and start over, adding the NAS before copying to the internal drive, but that copy took days.

I could reload a metadata backup, but the backup is somewhat out of date, I don’t know what I would lose.

I found a solution.
I disabled the NAS store, restored an old metadata backup, which includes Primary settings.
I reattached the NAS store.
As before, Roon went through the discovery process, and made all the NAS versions Primary.
But afterwards, overnight, it went through and set up the Primary correctly everywhere,. As far as I can tell, there are a bit over 1000 local albums, checking step by step.

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