Is there a channel balance control?

Many recordings are not perfectly balanced. I cannot find a balance control.

Check out this …

No, The speakers are set up properly. But not all recordings are balanced properly, hence the need for a balance control you can use along with the volume vcontrol. It should be easy to implement.

Not all music are created with vocals dead center; this is intentional (and not a mistake). I suggest listening to the music like it was mastered :slight_smile:

The speaker setup control in Roon is effectively a balance control, but is not (as I understand it) bit perfect. A balance control on a preamp will provide the same function, increasing volume in on one channel while lessening in the other.

None of these actions is a free lunch scenario, but can compensate for room idiosyncrasies, speaker setup, or hearing deficiencies.

Best advice here would be to select a recording that you know well, and that has vocals dead center and make sure it sounds right and forget about adjusting for other recordings. Not everything is mixed dead center.

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You need a listening chair with wheels.


Ha Ha. I listen in my 350 lb massage chair!

You can achieve this with speaker setup it’s just a balance control in DSP.