Is there a difference between music on NAS or on PC running core

My music has historically been on a QNAP NAS for LMS an Naim duties.

Currently I have a NUC running Roon core on a 80GB SSD but there is also a 2TB HD available.

Is there any advantages A

over B


Do you mean SQ advantages SJB? If so, Im not sure, that could depend on a few factors, not least whether you think such things make a difference or not. (I do. a bit.)

That aside, assuming from your diagram that the NUC has to be next to the DAC anyway:

With A, there will be less delay when playing esp hjigh-res or DSD if that’s important.
You could also then use NAS as a backup.

That would essentially be my setup although the NUC is a Mac mini in my case, and I use an SSD for music which is nearly full and has now overspilled onto a NAS.

Can’t think of much else. I guess if you serve the music to other places it might be more useful to leave it on the NAS? I’m sure the brighter more techie people will have some more useful thoughts.

Well the NUC will stay there for NAA purposes until you convince me to buy the microRendu!

Well, at least four of us on the Devialetchat site ordered ours today, and it seems like a good few on CA forum too, and tomorrow they’re on general sale so I’m sure there will be plenty of feedback coming soon. Like many I’m a little sceptical - often things that seem too good to be true, are in fact too good to be true. But let’s see, could be an exciting year for music if it delivers the goods….

If you happen to have one hanging around, I’d possibly try the Pi as an alternative in the meantime? I haven’t put mine on the main system to test yet, but I will if I get time….


I have just switched to solution A in your diagram from solution B, with the only difference being that I was using 5Ghz wireless for the latter.

After listening very carefully I cannot tell a SQ difference between the two & that’s just using the stock NUC power supply, not some fancy/expensive linear PSU.

Although I work in IT I’m not a Linux guy & have never installed any flavour of Linux. After a quick bit of Googling however, I very quickly had Ubuntu Server running on the M.2 SSD inside the NUC & OpenSSH installed for headless access. Installing the Linux version of Roon Server was a breeze (just following the instructions provided) & I had the whole thing up & running in less than 20mins. Ubuntu Server is fast as lightning on the SSD, takes up very little space & boots in a few seconds. All that remained was to format the 2TB HDD with NTFS, share with Samba & I was happily copying my FLAC library from my Windows PC in next to no time.

Very happy with SQ from the NUC into my current DAC of choice (Chord Hugo).

Hope this helps!

Option B should yield a better outcome as all processing is done on the core whilst the RoonBridge idles along (less electrical noise) and feeds the DAC.

I would go with Option A and utilize the NAS for backup purposes. However, I think there could be an Option C. [NUC(RoonServer and Music)] —(ethernet)—>]Roonbridge Device*]—USB—>[DAC].

*Rasp Pi, Sonic Orbiter, 2nd NUC, etc

I should add that I also tried option C (having a spare Raspberry Pi) & again, could not discern any noticeable SQ difference between the two. I actually grouped the NUC & the Pi into a single zone & with the Hugo was able to quickly switch between the two inputs. I certainly couldn’t tell the difference but YMMV of course…

On the NUC I’ve made sure to disable everything not needed in the BIOS - including Bluetooth, Ethernet & even unused USB ports. Probably unnecessary but no point having them active if they’re not being used!

Yes, this!