Is there a limit on the number of tracks in an album?

I am trying to import an album with around 400 tracks (the latest Touched compilation) and roon only shows the first 120 tracks. Is it possible to make it show all the tracks?

I expect you may have hit a track limit.

@vova can you confirm ?

In the meantime…Is that one ‘disc’ ? I would split into 4 discs of 100 tracks within the same album.

I had the same issue. I had to ultimately separate the tracks into 5 discs of 100. Check out this thread:

It seems there is a limit of 119 tracks that Roon will display. If you go ahead and delete 19 of the tracks for example, then Roon will show another 19 tracks from the 400.

I hope this will be fixed in the near future. Most albums have < 120 tracks, but not all, and why have this limitation?

I’m also noticing this 120 track limit, and would opt this will be marked as a bug. Splitting larger track collections in to multiple discs is not a proper solution.

I have collections with multiple, individual tracks that I want/need to organise with albums. A lot of them have more than 120 tracks in it.