Is there a method to remove "Skipped" tracks?

After using a large playlist for a while, an increasing number of tracks are skipped by Roon, because “This track is not available on Tidal (or Qobuz)”. I assume that this is because licensing rights change or something.

I’d really like to find an easy way to collect and remove these skipped tracks from my playlists. Sorting them on “Skipped” to be able to delete a batch would be a start.

Is there any way to do this aside from manually listing the dead tracks and manually removing them one-at-a-time from the playlists, which is a major PIA? It would be ideal if one could show only Skipped tracks and remove them like Duplicate tracks and then save the trimmed Playlist.

Anyone have a solution?

Based on no replies, I guess this is an open issue - no reasonable way to remove skipped tracks from a playlist.

Hello Richard, I did look at this - and unfortunately I think your conclusion is correct.