Is there a Playlist Radio feature?


I love Roon Radio. Nuff said.

However I’m not sure if there is a Playlist Radio feature that I’m missing. That would be a killer feature. If there’s not then I’ll move this over to Feature Requests.

Ta muchly, Bob

We have playlists in Tidal. You can create playlists. I use tracks the favourites and play randomly through those also.
The Roon community has a playlist thread open for all to join in, I am listening to the cover song one as I type.

I’m specifically talking about basing a radio station on one of my Playlists though. Not just the final song in the playlist which is where it normally takes over.

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Ahhhh, then that’s probably a NO then. Radio seeds from a track as I understand things.

(I moved this to Feature Requests)