Is there a roon best practice for tagging duet songs?

When adding an additional tag in “Credits” for the second performer of a duet song, is it best to use Primary Artist, Featured Artist, Performer, or perhaps even Vocals in Roon?

Before I delve into this clean up work with my file tags, I would like to make sure that it will work best (most useful) when interacting with my music collection in the future with Roon.


Probably not the best, but all my albums are tagged with artist, performer and albumartist tags.

I put both in artist and performer and the album artist in albumartist. Roon picks it up and treats it the way I’d like in that both show up in track credits and the album is discoverable via either artist.

Thanks for sharing how you are tagging these types of songs. I started with creating another “Primary Artist” tag in the song for the second performer, but then I noticed that most of the duets tagged by Roon on import used the “Featured Artist” tag. Seeing that made me reconsider my choice and post my question here for additional input/guidance.