Is there a setting that groups sequential album tracks together, even when shuffling?

Roon Core Machine

All, I have a large playlist of tracks by the same artist (you could call it an anthology). this is an artist who did long songs in the 70’s (think, entire vinyl side for one track).

A lot of these older artists figured out that folks don’t have that level of patience and broke those long tracks down into more manageable, shorter songs when they reissued their catalog in later years. An example would be

SONG Z, Part 1
SONG Z, Part 2
SONG Z, Part 3, etc.

Now, when I hit shuffle and the song completes playing, instead of choosing another track, it goes onto play Part 2, Part 3, etc.

these are separate files with separate names and should be treated as such. What I am not understanding is what rule is making them link/group all these songs together as if it is one long song (and more importantly is there a way to change this setting)?

seems like a strange one, I am hoping it is something easy and that others have knowledge of this.


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I’ve moved your question from the #support category of the forum to the #roon category since it’s more a “how to” question rather than a request for technical support.

I suspect that the answer is to do with the fact that Roon is treating these works as instances of a multi-part work - as it does for the movements of a symphony for example.

You should be able to disable this by going to the Album editor, choosing the EDIT ALBUM tab and scroll down to the MULTI-PART COMPOSITION GROUPING section. There you can disable this feature for the album (or albums, if you select multiple albums to be edited at once).

Very nice. Thank you for the tip! I have not shuffled the playlist for a true test, but I can already see the results of disabling that feature in the song track names, so I am confident. Always good to learn a new trick, thanks again!

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