Is there a user manual available?

Hi Roon!

Thanks for making a great product! I’m finding some challenges reordering track grouping. I can pull from the left hand side of source files into my album, but the selection appears at the bottom of the album. I can’t seem to find documentation about how to reorder the results before selecting “Create Album.”

If a manual or detailed FAQ exists, please point me to it.

Thanks again!


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Hey @Arsdivina – there isn’t a formal manual, but you can read lots of FAQ topics here on the community site, or more specifically by checking out these posts.

That screen is designed to focus on grouping – if for some reason an album has been split up, you can regroup the tracks there, and if the files are ordered (either by file name or by track number tag), they should show up in the right order. We don’t support reordering on that screen, but you make a good point – we’ll take a look and see if we can add that for a future release, as that screen is going to be redesigned soon.

For now, once you have everything grouped properly, you can reorder the tracks using the Identify feature, which will let you search our database and match the tracks up correctly, so your album will be fully identified and cover art, credits and other metadata will be retrieved.

Let me know if that all makes sense @Arsdivina. Our editing functionality is pretty basic at the moment, but we have a lot of new features in the works, so stand by! And thanks for the kind words!

Thanks Mike!

I may be a new class of subscriber… I am a mastering engineer and am using Roon to handle my 20 years worth of mastered tracks archives. Many of these “albums” have never been released, so external identification does not exist. However, I’d love to be able to set up my metadata in Roon and launch that into the world… We need this functionality in the pro audio world badly. Looking forward to where this leads us!