Is there a utility or way for Roon to automatically code to Tidal my Roon libary in Tidal My Collection?

I am sorry if this has been discussed before, I did a number of searches in the forums but found nothing specific about this topic.

It occurred to me yesterday when using Tidal in my car that, as I search for an artist and save them as a favorite, that they will automatically add to my collection and populate to my various connected devices and Roon software.

However, what about the other way around? Is there a utility that I can run, or maybe in Roon itself, that will automatically go to Tidal and match everything in my private Roon library with My Collection at Tidal, so that, for the most part, I have all my music available under “Artist” or “Album” right away in Tidal instead of having to add them one by one?

I currently have 1,481 separate artists with 4,686 albums in my Roon library (66,321 tracks). I understand that not all of these will be available in Tidal but even if most of them were there it would be great. I seem to recall Apple Music or someone did that in the past where they would scan your music and make it available to stream or download, but, that was limited to 25K tracks and not of a music quality I was after.

Thanks for any direction, if even to send me to the appropriate prior topic.

Just so you know, and I have not checked this recently but it was true last time I did, Tidal has a limit of 10k favorite albums. So if you map your local collection to Tidal you’ll be substantially reducing the overall size of your potential Tidal library.

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I did go and check it out after you posted this and the limit seems to be as you remember it. 10,000 album limit, no limit on the number of tracks. It doesn’t say whether there is a limit on the number of favorite artists. Thanks for pointing me to that bit of information.

I also, after looking at a thread on the Tidal forum about these track limits, saw another post about importing your entire library to Tidal and it says you have to use some program called Soundiiz Premium. That seems to be a monthly subscription service. Ha Ha everyone is in your pocket :slight_smile:

No kidding. And tax day approaches. I think what most people do is subscribe to Soundiiz, do the migration, then unsubscribe.